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Physiotherapy clinic specializing in neurology

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Physiotherapy clinic specializing in neurology

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Quality services for your well-being

Neuro Gym offers a full range of physiotherapy services, including in-home physiotherapy and in-clinic physiotherapy. We are here to help you improve your quality of life and regain your mobility

In-clinic Physiotherapy

Our classic approach on site, in our premises.

Our treatments
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In-home Physiotherapy

An adapted approach for customers in a hurry or limited by travel.

Our treatments
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Why come and see us?

At Neuro Gym Physio, we offer treatments adapted to everyone, from minor discomforts to more severe problems. We particularly specialize in treating complex conditions such as multiple sclerosis and the sequelae of strokes. Our mission is to provide personalized care to help everyone regain their maximum abilities.

Musculoskeletal Pain

Musculoskeletal pain affects muscles, bones, and joints, causing pain and stiffness that can interfere with your daily movements.

Chronic pain
Sports injuries
Neck pain

Neurological Conditions

Neurological conditions are disorders that affect the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. They may be due to injuries, illnesses, or other health conditions.

Cerebrovascular accidents (CVA)
Multiple sclerosis
Spinal cord injuries

Our treatments

Our range of treatments that meet your needs.

Dry needle

Inserting fine needles into muscles to relieve pain, reduce muscle tension, and improve mobility.

Electrical stimulation

The use of electrical energy to reduce pain, stimulate tissue healing, and strengthen muscles.

Manual therapy

Techniques such as joint mobilization, soft tissue massages to improve mobility and relieve pain.

Exercise therapy

Personalized exercises to strengthen muscles, improve coordination and mobility, and facilitate rehabilitation.


Rehabilitation programs specific to the needs of each patient in order to help them recover their functional abilities.


Use of special adhesive strips to support muscles and joints, reduce pain and facilitate movement.

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Why Neuro Gym?

Choosing Neuro Gym means opting for specialized expertise and a personalized approach that maximizes your recovery.

Human approach

We pay particular attention to listening and to providing care adapted to each client. As some members of our administrative team live with neurological conditions themselves, we truly understand the challenges faced, which reinforces our commitment to providing a personalized and empathetic approach.


We benefit from many years of combined experience. With doctorates and diplomas in physiotherapy, our physiotherapists have extensive expertise in neurology.

Consultation - Neuro Gym

Our team

Discover the faces behind the treatments.

Rana Youssef
Administrative assistant

Create beautiful videos for our Youtube channel.

Cindy Gauthier, pht, Ph.D.
Founder and physiotherapist

Has a doctorate in rehabilitation sciences with a specialty in neurological rehabilitation and has a strong interest in musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

Ariane Beauchamp, t.phys
Physical Therapy Technologist

Practiced with several clients in functional and neurological rehabilitation as well as sports physiotherapy.

Francine Deshaie
Marketing manager and content creator

Always find the best ideas for videos and exercises.

Our adapted equipment

We offer equipment adapted to the diverse needs of our patients.

Elliptical trainer

Among our equipment, we have an elliptical specially designed to adapt to the different physical abilities of our patients and facilitate transfers on its seat. This device is also equipped with leg support to allow people with weaknesses to mobilize their legs while working their upper body and their cardiorespiratory capacity.

Medical treadmill

Designed specifically for rehabilitation and fitness needs, our medical treadmill offers unique features such as the ability to start at a very low speed and a full-length handrail for your safety. Our mat can adapt to various physical conditions and follow you in your recovery so that it is always adapted to your abilities.

Leg press

Our leg press is not a conventional device, it is specially designed so that people in wheelchairs can use it without transferring in order to strengthen the leg muscles. It can also be used to strengthen the shoulder and back muscles to facilitate transfers.

Electrical stimulation

Electrical stimulation, one of our specialized approaches, plays an important role in the neurological rehabilitation process. Using electrical currents, this device stimulates muscles and nerves to reduce pain, strengthen muscles and stimulate neuroplasticity and overall recovery. Tailored to individual needs, electrical stimulation is particularly effective in treating musculoskeletal injuries, improving muscle strength and function.

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Our team of professionals offers a complete range of physiotherapy services.

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Our satisfied customers.

The quality of the treatments is exceptional.


Excellent service, Cindy a pris le temps de bien évaluer les besoins de mon fils blessé et nous a bien conseillé avec des objectifs et des exercices pour l'aider à guérir en continuant son sport. Et Celine, la réceptionniste, est avenante et souriante.


It is always a great moment both professionally and amicably.


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6705 Chevrier Boulevard, Local 207,
Brossard, J4Z 3T9, Qc, Canada
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